Mid 2009
In the beginning

Original band members Jeff Barham, Chris Harwood and Steve Smith form The Suntones an acoustic-based band with Andrew Smith on drums.

Market Bar, Fremantle

The Suntones trio begins six years of appearances at the original Market Bar which was located within the historic Fremantle markets.

Nov 2011
Hilton Park Bowling Club

Since our first gig here nearly a decade ago, The Western Suntones have loved playing the odd Sunday session at this friendly community-based venue.

Oct 2011
First EP

The Suntones record their first 5-track all-acoustic EP “In The Valley” at Witzend Studios, engineered by Al Dawson.

Jan 2012
The Suntones hit Tamworth
The Suntones take their first tour to Tamworth Country Music Festival where they busk in Peel Street and perform at The Longyard and at The Pub for the Bill Chambers sessions.
Dec 2012
Second EP

The Suntones record their second five-track EP 'Down The Line' at Shanghai Twang Studio, produced by James Gillard and engineered by Pete Grandison. This album features the new electric sound of the band.

Jan 2013
Second Tamworth tour

The Suntones appear at the Tamworth Country Music Festival for the second time, performing at the Courthouse, Tudor, Imperial, Locomotive and the Goodies Hotels.

Mar 2015
Bunbury Equine and Music Festival
Feb 2016
Mt Lawley Folk n Roots Club

Since 2016 this club has invited us to play for them several times a year to a wonderfully attentive audience who enjoy original music.

Mar 2017
New drummer

Tim Bates replaces drummer Andrew Smith.

Mar 2017
Toodyay Music Festival
Mar 2018
Outback Country Music Festival
Apr 2018
One is replaced with many

Drummer Tim Bates departs for Canada. The band begins using a cohort of top Perth drummers for live gigs including Greg Brenton, Bronton Ainsworth, Andrew Pearson, Daniel Harrison, Barnabus Courthold, Ethan Darnell and William Chiew.

Sep 2018
New album is recorded

A new full ten-track album 'Long Way Home' is recorded at Shanghai Twang Studio, produced by James Gillard and engineered by Pete Grandison.

Nov 2018
We return to the Market Bar
The Western Suntones return to the newly opened Market Bar in Essex St Fremantle. Operated by Michelle and Paul Abbott, who managed the original bar, it's a modern take on its namesake, specialising in top class busking acts most nights of the week.
Mar 2019
'Long Way Home' releases

'Long Way Home' album is released under the new band name of The Western Suntones.

May 2019
'Selena' video

The Western Suntones release a video featuring the track 'Selena' from the 'Long Way Home' album.

Sep 2019
Old Wild West Steakhouse
The Western Suntones at Old Wild West Steakhouse The Western Suntones play at the Official VIP Opening Party for Old Wild West located within Hillary's Boat Harbour Marina complex. It would be our first of several gigs there.
Nov 2019
Rodney's Bait and Tackle
The Western Suntones play at Rodney's Bait N Tackle Our first gig of many at this eclectic venue in Mosman Park. With half an old wooden cabin cruiser as a bar, fish raffles and a great atmosphere, it strongly supports bands playing original music across a wide range of genres.
Oct 2020
Funkee Monkee
The Western Suntones gig regularly around PerthThis Fremantle venue opened in 2020 and is indeed a funky bar/restaurant. We usually play there on a Saturday night. We love it, and the food and vibe are fantastic.
Jan 2020
Feature album on ABC FM

 'Long Way Home' is selected as the feature album on Felicity Urquart’s ABC FM radio show Saturday Night Country.

Feb 2020
Boyup Brook Country Music Festival

The Western Suntones play at the Boyup Brook Country Music Festival

Feb 2020
Album of the Year nomination

 'Long Way Home' is nominated for Album of the Year at the WA Country Music awards at Boyup Brook.

May 2021
Mumma Bees

Our first gig at the sensational cafe Mumma Bees in Hilton Park.

May 2021
And ... this thing

The Western Suntones website, created by Glenn Watson of Cyberdog Design goes live.

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